Cream & Platinum | Burnished Posts

Cream & Platinum | Burnished Posts


Cream & Platinum | Burnished Posts are crafted in small batches and feature accents of glaze and platinum metallic luster. The section of raw porcelain is polished by hand to a luscious, smooth finish.

Delicate in appearance yet durable, this lightweight piece is perfect for all occasions from casual outings to upscale events.

Wearables go through as many as four or five firings in a kiln, enduring temperatures over 2,000 degrees to reach their final form. Hardware is jewelry-grade titanium made in the USA.

Cydney Ross Porcelain Accessories are handmade in Kansas City by sculptor and designer, Cydney Ross and her badass mom, Pamela King.

With care - when not flaunting, store in a safe place and avoid dropping on hard surfaces or exposure to water, heat or abrasive surfaces.

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